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Master page selection with adobe form fragments

Hi experts,

I would like to know how I can change the master page / content area assignment of a subform when using adobe form fragments.

Background information:

In S/4Hana, Adobe form fragments are supported. The output architecture is built around separate form templates for master pages and for content pages. In customising, you can then assign master templates and content templates to output types.

For instance, in Belgium, our billing documents output (output type billing_document) use master template APOC_DEMO_FORM_MASTER_BE and content template SDBIL_CI_PROF_SRV_BE (for professional services invoices).

When you open this content template, and you check the master pages, you can see that there are 2 available master pages:

- A dummy master page, defined in the content xdp file.

- Portrait_OutboundLetter, a fragment that was inserted from the master form template.

How does the ADS know that it should place the content on the Portrait_OutboundLetter master page, rather than the dummy page? The pagination properties of all content pages/subforms simply say: Place -> Following previous; After -> continue filling parent. There is also no scripting that I can find which makes sure the content goes to the correct master page / content area. When you check the available options for the Place property, only the master pages and content areas in the content template are available. The master pages of the inserted fragment are visible in the hieararchy panel (though greyed out), but they are not listed as an option for placing content.

I want to use a different master page for a certain subform, to put it in landscape mode. Since I cannot select an alternative master page from a fragment, I tried creating a new master page in the content template. However, this selection is somehow overridden and the content is simply put on the Portrait_OutboundLetter master page.

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