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Could someone explain the difference between prune FRS and reposcan

Mar 22, 2017 at 09:35 AM


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I have search the Internet and found some old information about housekeeping ones BI Platform, using -prune on ones FRS's.

All that seems to relate to the XI/3.1 versions, and some have stated in the achieved threads of SCN, that prune is no longer supported

Other archived threads suggest that you use prune when running FILESERVER.EXE like in in this thread

Also, is there any way to circumvent the limitation in REPOSCAN.EXE w ith only repairing 1.000 objects at a time?

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Former Member Mar 22, 2017 at 10:03 AM


Instructs the FRS to delete the empty folders and then start the server. The server shuts down automatically when the empty folders are deleted. You can use the –trace command to get a log file for the number of folders visited and number of objects deleted. Remove the switch after completion.

I am not sure about compatibility with latest version , But it should run , Try it in DEV first would be my obvious suggestion.

You run RepoScan tool in order to identify object inconsistency and make sure the repositories (CMS and FRS) are in complete sync.

-count <max errors>the maximum number of inconsistencies to scan for (default: 1000).



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Cool, I've must have missed the -count parameter when I read the documentation, and since I've had like 4.500 reparable items I've simply run the reposcan -repair five times :)

When it comes to prune and removing empty folders, the I was under the impression that the repscan -repair would remove those folders as well due to the alignment of inconsistencies?

But perhaps this i not the case?

If so a prune should also be considered, but that raises another question whether to do it as parameters on the FRS servers in the CMC or to do it on the command-line with fileserver.exe -root <path to input/output FRS> -prune -fg


Former Member

Well , I created two blank folders in IFRS and ran reposcan and it cleared those empty folders without any problem along with other incosistancies . I am on linux FYI and SP08.

Prune do not work directly , meaning adding this in command line via CMC but as Reposcan is working fine I did not go for the command line option



I ended up doing a little testing myself, although it is on a 4.1 SP5 Patch 4 (Yeah I know)...

What my findings where, is that reposcan -repair does not remove empty folders, but the fileserver.exe -root <path to input/output FRS> -prune -fg did.

It might be that -prune is depricated, or is going to be, but the combination of the two things above, solved my issues.

Denis Konovalov
Mar 22, 2017 at 12:47 PM

Simple answer - prune removes empty FRS folders and orphaned reports/objects from FRS.
Reposcan is a utility to gauge health of your Repository and fix some of the issues with it.

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Jawahar Konduru Mar 22, 2017 at 12:33 PM

Prune is no longer supported. Recommend to use reposcan. Reposcan has the option Count , Below is the definition of the option. This will limit only number of errors to scan, not number of objects. By default, it scans entire repo.

The number of approximate errors to scan. This helps ensure optimum performance. The upper count is 2e31 - 1. A value of 0 is interpreted as the entire repository.

The default value is 0.

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