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Sep 05, 2006 at 06:56 AM

IPC: Getting Conditions in Requirement Formula



I am coding the pricing userexits in AP 7.0. I am facing problem in coding for the formula of type Requirement. I need to get the following fields while implementing one of the ABAP routines(given below). For this I have written a method in the same class 'X' where I am implementing the checkRequirement() method of RequirementAdapter.

form kobed_002.

sy-subrc = 4.

if komp-kposn ne 0.

check: komp-prsfd ca 'BX'.

check: komp-kznep = space.


sy-subrc = 0.


In the method I need to extract the values of

1. KPOSN - condition Item No

2. PRSFD - Carry out pricing

3. KZNEP - Exclusion Flag

KPOSN is available at the condition level and KZNEP in the condition Records. But in the RequirementAdapter I have only the Item available which has to be extracted from IConditionFindingManagerUserExit. I tried extracting the conditions as:

IPricingItem condItem = (IPricingItem)item;

PricingCondition[] prcConds;

prcConds = condItem.getPricingConditions();

but prcConds returned an empty array.

Can anyone guide me as to how I can get the 3 values? And am I coding the method kobed_002 at the correct place? Are conditions availabe in the Requirement Formula?

PS: Its very Urgent!!!! I'll reward maximum points for the solution.