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sap.m.SelectDialog not getting the data from se24 class

var TestEquipment = new sap.m.SelectDialog("TestEquipment",{ rememberSelections: false, multiSelect: false, title: "Test Equipment", visible: true, confirm: function(oEvent) { debugger ;var selectedItem = oEvent.getParameter("selectedItem"); var context = selectedItem.getBindingContext(); var insplot = context.getProperty("PRUEFLOS"); var inspoper = context.getProperty("INSPOPER"); var testEquipment = context.getProperty("TST_EQUP"); // debugger; // // Set New Data modeloPageItem.oData.INSPLOT = insplot; modeloPageItem.oData.INSPOPER = inspoper; modeloPageItem.oData.TST_EQUP = testEquipment; modeloPageItem.refresh(); } }); var modelTestEquipment = new sap.ui.model.json.JSONModel(); TestEquipment.setModel(modelTestEquipment); var ItemTestEquipment = new sap.m.ObjectListItem("ItemTestEquipment",{ iconDensityAware: true, introTextDirection: "Inherit", markLocked: false, numberTextDirection: "Inherit", selected: false, title: "{PRUEFLOS}", titleTextDirection: "Inherit", unread: false, visible: true }); TestEquipment.bindAggregation("items", "/", ItemTestEquipment)

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