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LOG TOOL HOOK hook activity

I'm having an interpretation problem of the LOG_TOOL_HOOK hook activity.

I have a TOOL GROUP with several TOOL NUMBERs maintained and I have the LOG_TOOL_HOOK hook activity activated at an Operation/Resource as a PRE_START activity.

The START is prevented unless ALL the TOOL NUMBERs from the TOOL GROUP is set up on the resource.

This the defintion from SAP for the function when CHECK_OPTION rule is set to


Prevents start or complete of an SFC number if at least one tool from time-based tool groups applicable to the SFC number at the current operation, resource, or routing step is not defined in Resource Setup (see Resource Setup)

My interpretation was that START will be allowed if at least one TOOL from the TOOL GROUP is defined in the Resource Setup.

But then it looks like my whole interpretation of TOOL GROUPs and TOOL NUMBERs is wrong.

Let's imagine the following scenario:

There is a machine where I have 3 types of Tools required for the operation, a stencil, a support block and a squeege.

A stencil is designated for a specific type of material, but can have more instances (spare tools, or simply interchangeable tools for different lines), which are identical, but identified with an unique number, and needs to tracked which one was used.

A support block block and a squeege can be used for multiple materials but not for all. It also needs to be specific for which material I can use them.

I can link only TOOL GROUPS to a specific material through Attachment points, so I figured I define TOOL GROUPs STENCIL_A (maintained for material A through attachement points) and I create TOOL NUMBERs STENCIL_A_1, STENCIL_A_2 etc for the instances of the same tool.

But if TOOL_GROUP STENCIL_A has attachement point for material A both STENCIL_A_1 and STENCIL_A_2 has to be set up on the resource in order to allow start, but I would only need one stencil from the same TOOL GROUP as these two are identical tool instances.

What would the right configuration for this scenario?

Unfortunately there is very little documentation available on Tool Management in ME and I could find any relevant information for the topic.

Thanks for the input.



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