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Former Member
Sep 04, 2006 at 01:42 PM

Master Data lookup in Update Rule problem


Hi all,

I am currently having a problem loading data to an InfoCube using flat files.

The architecture is as follows:

1) The source of the data is a flat file

2) The data is loaded thru an Update Rule and is of type Full-Update

3) The Update Rules determines the Profit Center using the Master Data of the WBS-Element

4) The data is written in an InfoCube

This solution however does not always work as planned. In the following situation a problem occurs:

1) The flat file contains WBS-element RD.00753.02.01, which has a Profit Center attribute value 8060

2) When I load the flat file, the PC value 8060 is written into the row in the InfoCube, which is correct

3) Then I change the master data of the WBS-element by setting the Profit Center attribute value to 8068

4) I run the Attribute Change Run

5) Then i load a flat file again, which also contains WBS-element RD.00753.02.01

6) The master data attribute value should now write the value 8068 into the InfoCube. HOWEVER, this is when the evil occurs. BW does not write a PC value of 8068, but it write the value 8060. This is wrong.

Why does BW not take the newest version of the Master Data to performe the attribute value look-up? Or why doesn't BW write the correct Profit Center into the cube?