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Please tell me how to create a menu for the tree component using bookmarks

Hello. I am making an analysis application in DesignStudio 1.6. I am creating a menu by assigning a bookmark to the tree component. Then, when the user clicks on the menu, the contents of the bookmark are displayed. However, fragment bookmarks are user and application specific. Therefore, it is necessary to make as many bookmarks as the user. Portable Fragment Bookmarks can not be displayed without dragging and dropping. How can I assign a bookmark to a menu before the user creates a bookmark?

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2 Answers

  • Mar 22, 2017 at 03:59 AM

    Hi Kousuke,

    My comments and questions are as follows:

    1) Can you clarify what you mean by "I am creating a menu by assigning a bookmark to the tree component"? Do you mean you are retrieving the Bookmark Folder Model with the getBookmarkFoldersTreeModel(includeBookmarksAsLeaves) method and then assigning this model to the Tree component using the setModel() method?

    2) You cannot assign a bookmark before it is actually created. You will receive a Bookmark ID when you save a bookmark via scripting, after which you can manipulate that bookmark as desired;

    3) If you want to consume Portable Fragment Bookmarks from a different application than the ones they were produced in then yes, you can only do this via the combination of the Fragment Gallery and Split Cell Container via drag and drop. However, you can always load Portable Fragment Bookmarks into the producer application without the need for the drag and drop approach.

    Rather than focusing on just the "bookmark menu" can you provide some more context around the actual business scenario you are trying to implement, perhaps with some screenshots as well, so we can provide further guidance?



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    Mar 22, 2017 at 08:45 AM

    Hello Bensan

    I appreciate your comment.

    1) You are right. I use getBookmarkFoldersTreeModel () and setModel ().

    2) I understand.

    3) I also know. Portable Fragment Bookmarks can be loaded by an application that saved bookmarks. When loading with different applications it is Drag & Drop.

    The reason I want to make bookmarks earlier than the user makes. Because portable fragment bookmarks that users should see are decided. If I can not make a bookmark, my users have to drag and drop.

    I tried it. When I saved fragment bookmarks, I was able to load from the different applications into the same container. Also, I was able to load even different accounts. I am not dragging and dropping. However, I need to know BookMarkID. I used the loadBookmark of Fragmentbookmark. I thought that fragment bookmarks are application and user-specific, but they seem to behave differently. Is this usage problematic?


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    • Former Member Mustafa Bensan

      Hi Bensan,

      I was able to load fragment bookmarks when users are different. That's not all. I was able to load bookmarks into different applications as long as they have the same container name.

      I tried the same thing with Portable Fragment Bookmark. However, it was not possible with portable fragment bookmarks. The reason is that APPID is different. A message was displayed on the screen.

      As far as I've tried, portable fragment bookmarks can not be loaded by a different application unless the user uses Drag & Drop.

      However, fragment bookmarks can be loaded without Drag & Drop even for different applications.If users are different and applications are different, it is correct to use Portable Fragment Bookmarks, right? Using fragment bookmarks is wrong, right?

      Now using fragment bookmarks can realize what I expect but I'm worried about future API modifications.

      I would like to load bookmarks without using Drag & Drop. Users are different and applications are different.

      I actually loaded fragment bookmarks with different applications, so I thought how to use it correctly, but it seems to be wrong.

      I will think about displaying bookmarks in Tree after this problem.