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Sep 01, 2006 at 08:05 PM



I have a custom defined message type that is working fine. a smartform is assigned for the output.. works fine.

Now, I am supposed to use the same message type, however a different smartform for it.. how do I do that??

Moreover we have a key combination based on Company code and vendor which makes it possible for the same message type to be used across different company codes and respective PO's. I tried testing an output after assigning the message type based on a condition record defined on the key combi, that I just mentioned.

It finds it.. however this is where the issue is in the end.. I have assigned a local printer, and when I do the determination analysis.. under my message type..I have an error with a green indicator-0000000726, MESSAGE VE876 and states that "the condition record for use B cannot be displayed.". wonder what that short, I do not get a physical printout though the output is found.. can anyone help??

The print preview again works .gives the desired result!!

Tried sp01 to print from spool, says output not determined in the status!!