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Sep 01, 2006 at 08:58 AM

Theme Editor and CSS files


Hi all,

NetWeaver Portal 2004 SP16

For those of you who have worked with the Theme Editor probably feel the same way as I do: it's just not good enough. It allows you to change some styles but really for real changes one has to edit the million stylesheets manually.

When going down that road, the Theme Editor becomes useless because it overwrites your manually applied changes.

As long as you reapply your changes afterwards, this works pretty good but I'm still confused about one thing. The stylesheets that are actually called from the webpage are followed by some sort of counter. For example:

../prtl_std/prtl_std_ie6.css? The last number increases everytime you save a theme in the Theme Editor, so it acts as a version numner (see

And now the annoying part: this <u>sometimes</u> prevents my manual changes to be read (one can check this by inspecting the css files in browser cache).

My question: what does this counter do? Are themes also stored in the PCD / database and if so where? What can be done to have the portal ALWAYS push the css files from the irj/portalapps/ directory?