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How to test a SAP Cloud Connector connection that uses an RFC-type destination?

Mar 21, 2017 at 03:59 PM


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Experts! I hope you are fine!

I installed and configured my sap cloud connector. When I test my destination, I get the following success message: "Success: connection to" HCC_RFC_DEV "successful".

However, I wanted to make a lightweight application for testing purposes only. I found a good blog ( that would help me test my SCC. But something went wrong.

At the time of deploy, the following error was displayed:

"Can not start application 'scctest' in account 'xxx' Reason: Can not start application 'scctest'; There is no compute unit quota for account 'xxx'. You can:

1. Check the compute unit of your account

2. Configure compute unit size for the application with parameter --size "

I need a lot of help with some questions:

1) How can I test my SCC (via RFC)?

2) What error is this? How should I treat?

3) Does the web only work for HTTP type connections? (I ask because I thought about developing it there, but I can not put the parameters referring to the web ide in my RFC-type destination, says "Must start with" jco.client. "Or with" jco.destination. ".) .. .

Please, who can help me? I thank you and look back.

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Markus Tolksdorf
Mar 23, 2017 at 09:57 AM

Hello Thallita,

answer to question 1 how to get to a small RFC test program that uses SCC to connect to OP: Please check the tutorial available
Question 2: You are lacking VMs that can run your application. Have already some other application running? If yes, you need to sop it in trial as quota is 1 there.
Question 3: WebIDE is not used for Java Development.

Best regards,

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Former Member

Markus! I hope you

Muito obrigado por suas respostas!
Descobri que não temos Java Service em nossa conta, então eu preciso testar este aplicativo via html5 ou xs, mas não consigo encontrar nenhum tutorial para isso.

Eu realmente preciso de duas coisas:
1) Como testar uma conexão scc x hcp usando um destino rfc (só pode ser html5 ou xs)
2) Teste um conxão para o HCI (mesmo coisa, usando o http http)

Can you help me?