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Aug 31, 2006 at 12:47 PM

Using PAS with HTTP Header variable in dual-host load balanc environment


We have a system that we are installing where the ITS Instances are configured to have 2 Wgate servers, and 2 Agate servers. We have each Wgate Instance point to the corresponding Agate Instances on the Agate servers for the same Instances. That is, HTTP Server for Wgate

Instance IT1, load balances across both Agate servers on which the same Agate Instance IT1 is installed. So we have a fan out situation. We repeat the same situation on our second Wgate server so we have failover and load balancing configured.

The problem I have run into is the use of the PAS. When configuring this service (saphttp or sapntauth (we renamed)) it asks for a redirect host. When we had single host ITS Instances this was not a problem. We would just set this to the same host with the proper port. Now that

we have load balancing, what value do we set this to? If we have a request come into Wgate 1 Instance IT1 that goes to Agate Server 2 Instance IT1 because Agate Server 1 is down, our system doesn't work if we had set the redirectHost on Agate Server 2 Instance IT1 saphttp

service to swgs2. But, if we set all of the redirecthosts to swgs1 we don't have any redundancy. Please respond as quickly as possible.