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Aug 31, 2006 at 10:04 AM

JDBC driver for MS SQL 2005 - Where to find them ?



I would like to send data to an <u>External</u> MS SQL Server 2005.

For that I followed the SAP doc "<i>how to install and configure a JMS and JDBC adapter</i>" and I found driver thanks to OSS notes 639702. But it doesn't work !

SAP tell us that we have not the good .jar files. We have "util.jar, sqlserver.jar, base.jar", instead of "<b>ms</b>util.jar, <b>ms</b>sqlserver.jar, <b>ms</b>base.jar".

So I went on Microsoft web site but I found only a "sqljdbc.jar" !

Where can I find the good driver "<b>ms</b>util.jar, <b>ms</b>sqlserver.jar, <b>ms</b>base.jar" for a MS SQL Server 2005.

Thanks for your help


P.S: NW2004s with XI 7.0