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Aug 31, 2006 at 04:37 AM

Error while Initial load


Hi Forum,

Iam doing Middleware setup for downloading customer master from R/3 to CRM.Iam trying to do initial load of customizing objects viz.,DNL_CUST_ACGRPB,DNL_CUST_ADDR,

DNL_CUST_KTOKD,DNL_CUST_TVKN,DNL_CUST_TVLS,DNL_CUST_TVPV... which are to be loaded before doing initial load of CUSTOMER_MAIN.

while doing initial load of customizing objects iam getting the below mentioned error

<b>001 No generation performed. Call transaction GN_START.</b>

<b>002 Due to system errors the Load is prohibited (check transaction MW_CHECK)!</b>

<b>-</b>when I do GN_START

"A job is already scheduled periodically.

Clicking on 'Continue' will create another job

that starts immediately.

Do you want to continue?" message is displayed

and I have sheduled it.

But in SMWP transaction I can see in

<b>BDoc Types: Generation of other runtime objects</b>

Not generated / <b>generated with errors 2 entries

31.08.2006 05:33:50</b>

and the objects with errors are



<b>-</b>In transaction MW_CHECK, system displays message as <b>No generation performed. Call transaction GN_START.</b>

when I regenerate these objects(generated with errors)from the context menu I find no difference.

I have also referred to the <b>Note :637836 and 661067</b> which also suggests to run few reports and GN_START but inspite of doing all the corretion parameters in the note Iam still unable to come out of the situation.

Please Guide

Thanks in Advance


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