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PBO field updating in ByD

Hello Experts,

I have a problem with updating field of my own custom PBO object.

I have created one PBO object: ExoTrcPO2Sent.

This object has two fields:

[Label("Purchase Order ID")] [AlternativeKey] element PurchaseOrderID:BusinessTransactionDocumentID;

[Label("To be sent via EDI")] element ExoToBeSentViaEDI:Indicator;

For this object I've created custom: Action-SendPOs2ExtSys.

import ABSL;

raise MsgInfo.Create("I","Start");

var trcQuery = ExoTrcPO2Sent.QueryByElements;

var selectionParamsTrcQuery = trcQuery.CreateSelectionParams();

var resultTrcQuery = trcQuery.Execute(selectionParamsTrcQuery);

foreach (var trcPO in resultTrcQuery) { if(ExoTrcPO2Sent.Retrieve(trcPO.PurchaseOrderID).IsSet())


raise MsgInfo.Create("I","Found: ".Concatenate(trcPO.PurchaseOrderID.content)); ExoTrcPO2Sent.Retrieve(trcPO.PurchaseOrderID).ExoToBeSentViaEDI = true;



raise MsgInfo.Create("I","End");

I have created OWL and QA also.

From QA I'm launching my custom action Action-SendPOs2ExtSys.
This action has the mission to flag all my ExoTrcPO2Sent object's field ExoToBeSentViaEDI to true. It's just for the purpose of test how it works.
It looks like the action runs when I click SendPOs2ExtSys in the QA screen.

It writes out my debugging messages but unfortunately, it doesn't change field ExoToBeSentViaEDI to true.
When I'm trying to save, by clicking Save button in the QA, I'm getting the message:

Save failed.

PURCHADERID943355630ABE8846 missing

I don't know if saving is necessary but maybe this error message would help to find the source of the problem.

Did you maybe experience similar problems during PBO modifications?

What I'm doing wrong?

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1 Answer

  • Mar 21, 2017 at 12:39 PM

    I have found the reason :)

    I just didn't fill the proper fields in my QA screen. That's why during saving I got the error message because the mandatory fields of my newly created PBO were empty.

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