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Profiles and Roles BW and BPC

Mar 21, 2017 at 10:39 AM


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Hi BPC Friends

I am trying to create a copy of environment in BPC Quality but the process fails because some users in BPC have hundreds of profiles.

So in BW I delete all the profiles leaving only these:

I tried to log into BPC Quality and now my user have access to none of the environment.

So I asked to the basis team to provide me an user with SAP_All so I was able to log into BPQ again and to assign my user to the admin team, so now the profiles are

The problem is that:

Even if I log into BPC Quality with the user with SAP_ALL I am not able to see the others environment that are offline but the only environment that is on-line and so I am not able to maintain the access to the other environments for my personal user.

How Could I access to the others environments?



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I don't know how and why but now I can see with the user that has SAP_ALL the others environments



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