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Execution status on freight order set automatically to "In execution"

Hello experts,

We have some troubles related to events in TM/EM and status execution on freight orders. Here is the context:

1. We want to send an SMS to the driver of a freight order whenever a car is removed or added manually to a tour. For this, we use the ChaCo determination to trap changes made manually on the Execution Status. We have no default strategy defined on the FO type, but a condition that handles strategies. The one which matters in this case has 2 associated methods. The first one sends an SMS, the second one updates a new Z-field on the TOR root (a flag). This part is actually working fine.

2. Once the driver has received the SMS, he/she must connect to a homemade external application communicating with SAP, and using this new field to confirm he has read the message and registered the change. The app is actually sending a message in the ERP, which in turns raises an event in TM. Our problem is here: when we send this event, the Execution Status of the FO is automatically set to “In Execution” although we do not update it via the event. We have been so far unable to identify why.

3. What we tried:

- Our ChaCo condition had a kind of grouped strategy with several methods in it. We feared that triggering it for all events would modify the status. Now we have only one strategy per event, but it did not solve the problem.

- We tried using an extra step in the "Accept" event to use an activity setting the status to "Ready for Transportation Execution", but it does not work either. We think the status gets changed after the event is processed.

- We have tried to unflag the setting “Immediate Processing” set on FO types. Does not help.

- We have of course checked notes but could not find anything relevant. We tried notes in relation with the status, even if they do not seem completely related to our problem, like 2342420. But this did not help.

- We also tried direct update of the new Z-field, just to test avoiding using the standard method “modify” of the service manager, but the event still changes the status.

We have raised a message to OSS but are wondering if this could be known to some of you. We suspect there could be something in the customizing that stills influences this status. But cannot find what... Could also be a bug. Anyone with ideas is heartedly welcome :)!

Thanks for reading


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1 Answer

  • Mar 27, 2017 at 09:14 PM

    It sounds like the event rule set configuration may be responsible for the FO execution status update.

    In SPRO "Define Rule Sets," check the ruleset for your Event Handler type and identify the activity associated with the event message coming from the driver.

    Then check how the activity is defined. If it is a multitask activity, check the associated tasks... Do you see a status update task?

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    • It is indeed a multitask activity but there is no step involving a change of status. We actually tried to add one to set it back to "Ready for transportatio execution" but it fails. We got some input from SAP:

      In standard, whenever an event is getting reported, the execution status will get updated. This is performed via the TOR determination which gets triggered during the update of the event execution information. In your case, when the event 'ATS-FO accepted' is posted, it triggered the execution status update. This is the standard process. Now if you do not wish to update the execution status based on some conditions, you might have to look for condition based approach in updating the execution status. You can define a condition based logic ( /SCMTMS/TOR_EXEC_RDY) and specify the condition in the TOR type customizing ( SPRO--> Freight Order Type --> Check Condition "Ready for Exec"), in case you do not want the TOR status to be updated.

      We are currently trying that.