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Hello All,

I am using <b>'set_text_as_r3table'</b> in change mode to display/edit long text of notification. Now, when the text is entered I need to get the modified text and update the notification long text. Can anybody tell me how to achieve this?

I was thinking of using method '<b>get_text_as_r3table</b>' to get the data and use SAVE_TEXT to update long text. But,the mehod <b>'get_text_as_r3table'</b> retireves everything on text editor, not just the modified text.

Any Suggestions??

And, Is there any alternative (method) to the FM <b>SAVE_TEXT</b>?

Is there any way to open text editor in change mode and existing text grayed out?

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1 Answer

  • Posted on Aug 29, 2006 at 12:08 AM

    Please see the example program. THis should solve your problem.

    report zrich_0001.
          dockingleft  type ref to cl_gui_docking_container,
          text_editor    type ref to cl_gui_textedit,
          repid type syrepid.
    data: begin of header.
            include structure thead.
    data: end of header.
    data: begin of lines occurs 0.
            include structure tline.
    data: end of lines.
    data: textlines type table of tline-tdline,
          wa_text type tline-tdline.
      data: totlines type i.
      data: start_line type i.
    parameters: p_check.
    at selection-screen output.
      repid = sy-repid.
      create object dockingleft
                  exporting repid     = repid
                            dynnr     = sy-dynnr
                            side      = dockingleft->dock_at_left
                            extension = 1070.
      create object text_editor
                       parent     = dockingleft.
      clear  lines.  refresh lines.
      call function 'READ_TEXT'
                id       = 'Z001'
                language = sy-langu
                name     = '999999'
                object   = 'ZPT_DET'
                lines    = lines.
      clear wa_text.  refresh textlines.
      loop at  lines  .
        wa_text =  lines-tdline .
        append wa_text to textlines.
    * Add a blank like to start adding new text
      clear wa_text.  append wa_text to textlines.
      call method text_editor->set_text_as_r3table
               table              =  textlines
               others             = 1.
      describe table textlines lines totlines.
       start_line = totlines.
    * Protect only text lines, not the added one
      totlines = totlines - 1.
      call method text_editor->protect_lines
          from_line                     = 1
    *    PROTECT_MODE                  = TRUE
          to_line                       = totlines
          error_cntl_call_method        = 1
          invalid_parameter             = 2
          others                        = 3.
    call method text_editor->GO_TO_LINE( start_line ).
      call method text_editor->get_text_as_r3table
               table              = textlines
               others             = 1.
    * Set SAPscript Header
      clear header.
      header-tdname = '999999' .         "Name
      header-tdobject = 'ZPT_DET'.       "Object
      header-tdid = 'Z001'.              "Id
      header-tdspras = sy-langu.
    * Move text from container to function module table
      clear  lines.  refresh lines.
      loop at textlines into wa_text .
        lines-tdline = wa_text.
        append lines .
      call function 'SAVE_TEXT'
                client   = sy-mandt
                header   = header
                lines    = lines
                id       = 1
                language = 2
                name     = 3
                object   = 4
                others   = 5.


    Rich Heilman

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    • Former Member

      Hi Rich,

      This is very good example! Thanks for it!

      I use a similar code to protect the existing lines from editing and to keep the opportunity for adding new lines.

      BUT a strange problem occurs - when I call the function that calls

      call method text_editor->protect_lines
            from_line = 1
            to_line   = totlines
            error_cntl_call_method = 1
            invalid_parameter      = 2
            others                 = 3.

      for the first time it protects only the first "totlines" characters form the text. The next times it is called it always protects the exact number of lines set in "totlines".

      Do you have any idea why does it happen?

      Thanks in advance!