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Fiori My Timesheet - How to include custom fields that cannot be part of TCAFI

Hello, experts.

I am aware that there is a limitation on the number of custom fields to be added to the Time Sheet application to 10 fields for CATSDB since the table TCAFI pretty much dictates it. But CI_CATSDB allows us to add more than that. Since those added fields become part of the 'TimeEntryDataFields' of entity TimeEntry, I am scratching my head to figure out if the steps as described in following site works for me to add the extra fields of CI_CATSDB in the Fiori My Timesheet application:

What I experimented to do so far was to enhance two FMs: HCM_HCM_TIMESHEET_GET_TIMEDATA and HCM_CATS_GET_PROFILEFIELD by inserting my logic via implicit enhancement framework. I am able to show my 11th field, save it to CATSDB and even display it on the overview page. But I cannot edit it. My value disappears. I was hoping that there might be an oData service call when I click the record but my F12 troubleshooting tool on Google does not reveal anything to suggest that.

(I raised an OSS message but was simply told that the 10 fields thing was the standard thing and would need to seek for consulting help. But why 10??? Why does SAP hard-code those 10 fields? Unfortunately we cannot reduce the number of our custom fields and need more due to our business reason.)

So... Should I enhance HCM_S_TIMESHEET_TIMEDATA or HCM_S_TIMESHEET_TIMEENTRY_ENTY (what is the difference? I am confused) to add my 11th field even though it is already in the entity?

I was hoping that someone had gone through my problem and had figured out how to resolve it. Please help.... Thank you very much in advance.



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