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Using cost center as owner dimension for work status (BPC 10.1 embedded)

Mar 20, 2017 at 11:25 PM


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Hi Gurus,

I need to know how can I setup 'manager' for work status if I use '

/ERP/COSTCNTR' as owner dimension in work status configuration.

Below is my work status configuration:

Work Status List:

0 - Unlocked (Controlled by: Owner and Manager; Manual Entry: All)

0 - In Process (Controlled by: Owner; Manual Entry: Owner)

0 - Submitted (Controlled by: Owner ; Manual Entry: None)

0 - Approved (Controlled by: Manager; Manual Entry: None)


Owner Dimension: /ERP/COSTCNTR

Owner Property: /ERP/RESPUSER - User Responsible




For cost center 10000, I have assigned my self as user responsible (used as owner property in work status configuration) in master data in on ecc side. I am able to change the work status with no issues but I am also able to approve the plan data in work status which only Manager should be able to do it.

Now I am not sure where do I assign the Manager in cost center hierarchy. On the ECC side there is no attribute of user responsible on hierarchy node of cost center.

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Lucas Gabriel Mar 21, 2017 at 03:02 AM

I think that for this case you would need to implement BADI RSBPCB_SETUSER. Reading the Owner from

/ERP/RESPPERS and the manager from a second attribute (e.g. ZMANAGER). You'll need to enhance the hana view

FCO_C_COST_CENTER to read the manager from somewhere (e.g. table) and assign the HANA view field to /ERP/COSTCNTR.

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Hi Lucas,

Thanks for answering the question.
So, it seems like BADI is going to populate the owner and manager for each cost center. Is there a way to assign the manager at higher level instead of each cost center. Client wants one manager to be assigned at the highest level who can approve the budget and don't want to maintain the manager user id in each cost center.

How to do it?



It's the same thing. Owner of the node = Manager.

Going forward the badi would be something like:

If member is base level then read the owner from Person Resp. property

If member is a node, read the owner (manager) from ... somewhere (e.g. custom table).



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How and where do we maintain the owner and it's manager relationship?

If for cost center 1000 user responsible is ABC, where do we maintain the manager for ABC?


The easiest way is to create a Z table with CC nodes and owner, put it on SM30 and read that using the BADI I sent you.

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Getting issues with BADI.

I created a ZCOSTCENTER characteristic with 2 attributes Owner and Manager

Passing my user id in both fields.

But when I open the input screen in Analysis for office, it's not allowing me to change status and complaining I am not an owner or manager.


Have you checked snote:

2484176 - How to set up manager for BPC Embedded Work Status

It talks a lot about that BAdI and has been updated in August.
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Lucas Costa

Hi Lucas,

How can we debug the RSBPCB_SETUSER Badi? I implemented the Badi and it's active, I'm putting an external breakpoint in the class, but it's not running when trying to change Work status in Analysis for Office.

(we are on BW752, so this note (2387590) is not applicable for us :)

Thanks in advance!


Try endless loop at the begginning of badi code and SM50 :)

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Vadim Kalinin

This helped, was able to debug and understand the issue. Thanks, Vadim.


Another thing is to debug class CL_RSBPCW_WS_RUNTIME=>_GET_AVAILABLE_STATUS2

It was the only place I could find that message 78 being thrown.


Hi S Q,I m facing the same issue, I wonder if you were able to solve it so maybe you can provide some guidance.