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Cutover Active - Vistex - Create a sales order using a deal Code

Mar 20, 2017 at 07:30 PM


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Hi Everybody,
We implementation a Vistex solution on SAP ECC and we need remove/delete the old orders and create news using a new functionalits by Vistex.

But we have a issue to determine a correct Deal Code, i am preparing a new program to create a sales order e assign the correct code, but i don't how we can assign? we have a Function model?

For example:
When i will create a sales order and there are 2 deals code, i will inform the correct code on excel or screen and i will run the program, then we need get the code and assing on sales order.

Any people have any idea to do this?


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What do you mean by Deal Code ? By the way, you cannot remove or delete old sale orders in ECC if any subsequent document exists.


Hi G Lakshmiipathi, Deal code is agreement. yes, i know i will create one for sales order without Sub seq document.... For new sales order created we need specificate a correct code. Did you understand?


Is there any reason a Vistex consultant cannot advise you on this? Vistex is not part of standard SD, so I doubt you'll find a lot of free consulting on SCN on this.


We have a consultant here to help, but we need create a solution to create a sales order after vistex implemented. Cutover active.


If this is somehow related to Vistex I still don't understand why they can't consult you on how you'd use the solution going forward? I worked on one Vistex implementation long time ago and we had good service from their consultants, if memory serves. They also worked on the specs for any custom ABAP code.


Hi Jelena, do you have a special name of consultant to talk about my error? Thanks,Rodolfo


No, I don't. Your management would need to reach to Vistex or your SAP rep (depending on how your contract with software vendor is written).

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1 Answer

Jagadeesh N Apr 13, 2017 at 09:17 AM

Hi Rodolfo

I hope your query is on Deals that work on Sales Order.. if so you have to create a Deal first and then create respective Order that satisfy the eligibility conditions in Deal Created. Eligibility meaning the Partner and Materials as on the Deal could satisfy.

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