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Aug 28, 2006 at 08:48 AM

Excel OLE Problem with file creation



I have problems trying to create excel files from SAP using OLE automation.

The purpose of the development is to create 3 generate 3 excel files from SAP, to format these file, save these files on the user's 'c:\temp\' directory and to display all these files at once (open and show Excel application and display the created files).

Ar the begining I tried something that created a unique file and open it. That worked ( there was no CALL mthod 'Close ' and 'Quit').

Probleme was that it's necessary for me to create the files, save the files, close excel application, reopen the 3 files later. Since i try to do it I encounter the following problems :

- file is created but format disappear ( I only have a simple file with blanck cells)

- Excel process stay in Windows task manager after the call to 'Close' and 'Quit'

What can be wrong with my code?

Please help, i'm looking for a solution since more than 2 weeks.