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Aug 28, 2006 at 04:35 AM

How to use 'flat file extraction' option in Infospoke


Hello Gurus,

We are trying to extract the BW data using Infospoke to a 3rd party ETL tool (Datastage). Now in the current BW 3.5 release, the customer is on SP11 and we are not able to extract any data using a 3rd party system option in Infospoke. Due to the fact, we found out from SAP, that since we are getting an error (3rd party system is not set)in infospoke, we have to upgrade the SP level from 11 to either 16 or 17. The customer that we are dealing with is not going to do that until July - 2007.

So now we have a second option to load the 'flat file' in BW App. server and FTP to Datastage. Is this something workable option?

When using that option within Infospoke destination Tab, we can see two options. One is to use File option and load the data within the standard DIR HOME. I tried that but I can't see the file and the entire data within the standard directory. Can anyone explain why and what will be the procedure to follow?

The second option is to use Logical file. I never done that before. Can anyone explain step by step process or provide the detail document and/or link?

Since we are at the critical timeframe stage, I would appreciate if I can get the faster response from the Gurus.

I will make sure to give 'reward points' to each and every helpful answer(s).

thanks in advance,