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Mar 20, 2017 at 03:48 PM

Trading Partner Management parameters not considered at run-time to pick required ICO


Dear Gurus,

We have multiple partners exchanging messages via PI and we are using B2B Add ons for the same.

We have configured one Generic EDI Separator Receiver channel, which receives all the incoming EDI files, splits wherever necessary. As we know, after receiving and splitting the files, it would search for EDI Separator sender channel(s).

We are trying to configure a single EDI Separator Sender channel, which in conjunction with Trading partner management should be able to route all the messages coming from EDI Separator Receiver channel. So we are putting .* for Transaction Set Identifier code, Interchange Sender ID, Interchange Sender ID Qualifier, Interchange Receiver ID, Interchange Receiver ID Qualifier.

We have configured different Trading Partner Agreements also.

The EDI Separator Receiver channel splits the file and immediately searches for the corresponding EDI Separator Sender channel. The TPMContentAccessModule is configured in EDISeparator Sender channel. So, there is no need to keep the checkbox 'Read from Dynamic Headers' checked for the EDI Separator Receiver channel.

The TPMContentAccessModule is reading the incoming files, and based on the Interchange Sender/Receiver ID, finding out the Sender and Receiver party and writing them to message header.

Senders(say AS2)-->EDI Separator Receiver-->EDI Separator Sender (Uses TPM Module to determine partners and other run-time parameters) -->Receivers

We have got different ICO's configured for different sender/receiver combination. But, we observe that, run-time is only taking the communication channel into consideration. As we have only one communication channel which all the ICO's are using. So, the run-time is packing the ICO's randomly instead of pin pointing to the relevant ICO comprising of a particular sender/receiver combination.

So, our question:- Is it really possible to have single EDI Separator Sender channel to handle message coming in different format from different partners(via EDI Separator Receiver)? If yes, then how? SAP claims , it is possible and TPM helps in achieving so.