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Webi - Display table based on status of other row in same table

Hi gurus,

I need to display the rows based on looking at the status of other rows...

e.g. if Test 2 exists then display only Test 2 else display test 1 for a combination of results

for a particular batch if 'Z4PRRT' exists then do not display 'Z4PRE'

if Z6RT does not exist then display 'Z6'

Scenario Test 1 Test 2 Case 1 Z4PRE Z4PRRT Case 2 Z4POST Z4PORT Case 3 Z6 Z6RT

Below is the sample starting table and expected results table..

Appreciate your valuable inputs.


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  • Hi,

    Try this formula:

    =If(Not([Inspection Type] InList("Z4PRE";"Z4POST";"Z6RT")) And [Inspection Type] InList("Z4PRRT";"Z4PORT";"Z6")) Then [Inspection Type]


    =If(Not([Inspection Type] InList("Z4PRE";"Z4POST";"Z6RT"))) Then [Inspection Type] InList("Z4PRRT";"Z4PORT";"Z6") and apply filter on Flag =1.



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1 Answer

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    Mar 20, 2017 at 03:58 PM

    create similar variable.After that add filter on table to select value "Show"

    VAR=If([Inspection Type]="Z4PRRT" ) Then "Show" ElseIf ([Inspection Type]="Z4PRE") Then "Hide" ElseIf ([Inspection Type]="Z4POST") Then "Hide" ElseIf ([Inspection Type]="Z4PORT") Then "Show" ElseIf ([Inspection Type]="Z6RT") Then "Hide" ElseIf ([Inspection Type]="Z6") Then "Show" In ([Material])

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