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Former Member
Aug 25, 2006 at 06:28 AM

Not able to get header in ALV



I m not able to get the header in my ALV grid.

Please help me.

FORM build_commentcat CHANGING p_gt_list_top_of_page.

DATA: l_line TYPE slis_listheader,

l_msg(300) TYPE c.

CLEAR l_line.

l_line-typ = 'H'.

  • gs_line-info = ''.

  • APPEND gs_line TO gt_list_top_of_page.

WRITE sy-repid TO g_repid.

CONCATENATE 'Vendor managed Inventory Report' space

into l_msg separated by space.

APPEND l_line TO gt_list_top_of_page.

l_line-typ = 'S'.

WRITE sy-datum TO g_date.

WRITE sy-uname TO g_username.

WRITE sy-uzeit TO g_uzeit.

CONCATENATE g_date space g_username space g_uzeit

into l_msg separated by space.

l_line-info = l_msg.

APPEND l_line TO gt_list_top_of_page.