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Mar 20, 2017 at 06:40 AM

Different Movement Type determined in ECC Delivery for Packaging Material Item cretaed from EWM

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Hi All,

EWM adds a new line item for packaging material upon PGI, ECC Delivery is also updated with new line item for Packaging Material. But both original line item and packaging material line item have different movement types determined in ECC Delivery. Same Item category and Schedule Line is determined for both Materials. This is an STO Outbound Delivery with One-Step procedure and we expect the packaging material also to determine same movement type 647 instead of 641. Any pointers that suggest why and how a different movement type was determined for newly added packaging material by EWM in ECC? From my analysis, it appears in ECC, always the 2-step movement 641 is determined for Packaging Materials and the one-step procedure has been ignored.

Schedule line has both one-step and 2-step movements 647 and 641 respectively.

Appreciate your inputs