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EBS - Config determination.

Hello All,

Can you please help me on EBS related few questions.

  1. After EBS File is received and the same is uploaded and acc doc is generated eg – Main House Bank Dr and Clearing Account is creaed.

    What is the easy way to know all the EBS config used particularly for the creation of the doc. Eg – House bank & Acc ID; Tran Type; Postign Rules;

  2. In my scenario we are using EBS search string to updated line item text field, so how to check the search string used for that particular doc.
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2 Answers

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    Mar 20, 2017 at 07:44 PM

    Hi Sachin,

    My understanding is you are using bai2 format.

    1. In the accounting doc header- Reference Field you will see 15 digit information. This contains combination of your House Bank and account ID, which you can check in Table T012K. You can run transaction code FEBAN and enter company code, use above house bank and account ID, statement date. Execute transaction and you will get the details of transactions from EBS incoming file.

    2. For finding search string- In FEBAN statement above, click on individual transaction line. You will see "Trans." details on the right hand upper corner. This value is Banking external transaction(BTC). Search string is determine based on BTC and note to payee information in the same screen.

    2 A. By default BAI2 can be assigned with common posting rule for BTC in transaction code 0T83> Create Transaction Type - Select BAI2 Transaction type click on > Assign External Transaction Types to Posting Rules. Check your external transaction and posting rule assigned and go to define posting rule option. Check account debit, Account Credit values and check GL accounts attached in option assign accounts to account symbol.

    2 B. You can define your search string to derive values other than mentioned in 2A. Go to IMG> Financial Accounting (New) > Bank Accounting > Business Transactions > Payment Transactions > Electronic Bank Statement > Define Search String for Electronic Bank Statement > search string use. Goto your company code combination with house bank, acct ID, External Transition. You will get here number of search string used. You can check search string logic of these in Search string definition, where you match Search String with FEBAN - NOTE TO PAYEE text portion.

    This is basic for finding the Search string used in posted document. Please go through many EBS config blogs to understand more clearly derivation logics.


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  • Mar 29, 2017 at 06:54 AM

    To get some quantitative data you can derive the KUKEY from table FEBKO for 1 statement and use that to have a look in table FEBEP. There you can find which operation codes and posting rules are actually used.

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