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BPC Report Dimension Value Based On Other Dimension

Mar 20, 2017 at 03:53 AM


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Hi all,

I want to create a report with a dimension members based on other dimension members, example :

Here is 2 dimension with their members :

The reports :

Dim2 list of members display is based on Prop2 property with value from Dim1 ID.

D2_1 or D2_2 member will not show with D1_2 member.

D2_3 or D2_4 member will not show with D1_1 member.

I want to create a report like this. Few years ago with EPM Add-In, I done it (if I am not mistake). Now I am using AO, but I couldn't find the way.


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3 Answers

Vadim Kalinin Mar 20, 2017 at 06:49 AM

If you are using EPM in AO then the same as with standalone EPM:

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Thanks for your response Vadim.

I have used it before but I didn't get as per my requirement or did I set incorrectly ?

Dim1 = Product Hier

Dim2 = Material

Prop2 = Product Hier

As I remember in EPM Add-In there is setting by choosing relationship then choose which property from Dim2 to be equal to Dim1 ID (in this case Prop2 should be equal to Dim1-ID).

From my picture, it is only choose 1 dim property, but no selection equal to which dimension.

jrsct.png (9.4 kB)

You create a report with both Product Hier and Material in Row axis.

Then in the member selector for Product Hier you select Relationship on property:

Dimension Property for dimension MATERIAL property Product Hier.

What is the issue?

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The product hierarchy members depend on context (epm override) and the material members based on product hierarchy members from property PRODH in material dimension.

Here is my report :

This is member selector for product hierarchy in edit report (based on override) :

This is member selector for material in edit report :

Did I do it correctly ?

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You can't use Dimension override for PRODH dimension!

You are mixing things...

You can use dimension override for Material dimension only!

Then the corresponding PRODH member will be selected based on property of Material dimension.

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Former Member Mar 21, 2017 at 02:04 AM

Mm, I need to find other way for this.

Btw, I want to combine the selection with calc=N, but I cannot find the ampersand symbol which is has in EPM Add-In.

In EPM Add-In, the ampersand (&) symbol can be set in operator column:

Do you know how to set in AO ?

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You can't combine linked to property with any other criteria using AND! And it was not possible in old EPM add-in. You will get empty result.

To combine other conditions you can use Merge button on the right (under X button)

Vadim Kalinin Mar 21, 2017 at 08:18 AM

In general the only possible solution is:

1. Create additional report (as default report) with PRODH in rows and EPMDimensionOverride("000","PRODH","BAS(XXX)") to get required base member list.

2. Create a local member in this report to concatenate string:

PRODH=X1,PRODH=X2,PRODH=X3 etc... - in the first row of the report (for example cell B5)

3. In your real report 001 use


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