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Aug 22, 2006 at 03:59 PM

SQL Strings in Where Clause - single quotes issue



I’m having issues related to SQL String literals when trying to deploy to flash. The complication works fine but I then get a message (see below) stating that a ; is missing. The SQL query and the iview runs fine when we use numeric values or do not apply a where clause on the table.

I am using Visual Composer that has been packaged with NW2004sSP7_Preview

VC & Flex Version: 645.7.0.3

The Error message is get is;

Error in executing a process for Flex compilation, Error 1033: ';' expected
Error 1205: The statement 'Test' is incomplete.
Failed to compile AADCN.mxml

When I goto the deployment file – it has the below line;

<i>'<Request type="EXECUTE_RELATIONAL" system="BI_JDBC" system_type="SAP_BI_JDBC" maxrows="500" templateid="BIR_SQL"><Objects type="INPUT" shape="OBJ" role="INPUT"><Object type="INPUT_FIELD" id="SQL_STATEMENT" appName="SQL" mapped="0" value=""/></Objects><Objects type="OUTPUT" shape="SET" role="OUTPUT"><Object type="OUTPUT_FIELD" id="name" appName="name"/></Objects><Objects id="1" type="TEMPLATE_PARAMETER"><Object id="2" type="SQL" value="select name from pub.srcompany where name ='Test Company'"/></Objects></Request>';</i>

It seems that the parser for the flash deployment is prematurely finishing the parse when it hits the single quotation in the SQL string!

We had a similar error where if we had a carriage return in the SQL (e.g. between the from & the where clause) then the deployment parser was stating that the line finished prematurely. In the deployment file the carriage return forced a new line thus making the message incomplete. Removing the carriage return resolve that issue

The SQL Preview in the SQL Editor within VC works fine with the string literals in the where clause.

The functionality compiles & deploys in web dynpro however it does not return the results to the table


1:> Has anyone successfully used flash with string literals in the SQL where clause or had seen this issue in the past?

2:> Is there a setting to get the SQL working on Web dynpro for the information to be returned that I may have missed?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Best Regards,