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Aug 22, 2006 at 02:14 PM

Get SSO base64 string


Dear developers,

I try to create a JCO.Client. So that I can communicate from a Java project/dc to ABAP.

The JCO.CLient api states this (see code below)


<i>public static JCO.Client createClient(java.lang.String client,

java.lang.String user,

java.lang.String passwd,

java.lang.String lang,

java.lang.String ashost,

java.lang.String sysnr,

java.lang.String gwhost,

java.lang.String gwserv)Creates an instance of a client connection to a remote SAP system (no load balancing) Note: Depending on the SAP system release, logins using Single-Sign-On (SSO) or X509 certificates are being supported.

For SSO specify the user to be $MYSAPSSO2$ and pass the base64 encoded ticket as as the passwd parameter.

For X509 specify the user to be $X509CERT$ and pass the base64 encoded certificate as the passwd parameter.</i>=====================================================

So we can use Single-Sign-On (SSO). But I have no idea how we can get the base64 encoded ticket.

My question is: Who have more information about: "how to pass the base64 encoded ticket as the passwd parameter".

And more important. Has someone any code examples.

Thanx in advance.

Kind regards, Marinus