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Aug 22, 2006 at 01:20 PM

BEx query design: defining VERY complex filters


Hello to everybody,

I have to build a query with a very complex filter and need some help.

I got two main characteristics (Cost Center and Cost Element) and I want to list all data in my InfoCube EXCEPT when there’s certain combinations of this characteristics.

It can be resumed as follows:

If ‘Cost Center = A’ AND ‘Cost Element = Z’


‘Cost Center = B’ AND ‘Cost Element = Y’

don’t show results

Else, show results

I’ve tried using hierarchies but it adds the results in only one line per hierarchy listed and I haven’t been able to unfold data.

I’ve tried using conditions but :

• If I use only one structure (the one with key figures that I’m already using), it requires all the cells to include a key figure, and I need some cells to define the filtering values that will be exceptions; those are defined as characteristics, hence the problem.

• If I use variables instead of fix values to define the exceptions, I haven’t been able to enter a text as predefined value (Cost Center is alphanumerically codified).

• If I use two structures, the second one is a characteristics structure, so the problems listed above are solved, but then I have to define a condition based on both structures... and haven’t found a way to make it work!

I’ve been thinking on using exception cells but it won’t work, will it?

Maybe creating more simple queries and glueing them together would work, but can it be done?

And last, maybe I could create a new InfoObject concatenating Cost Center and Cost Element, and a table with the filtering values to serve as reference, but I don’t know how to do it and if it will work.

Thanks in advance!