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Aug 22, 2006 at 01:20 PM

get_url_new_session ignoring used alias



we have a stateful web application not being in our namespace (it dooesn't start with y or z either) and so we defined an external alias using transaction SICF and stored anonymous logon data there.

Unfortunateley that application needs sap-sycmd=nocookie as parameter which forces mangling the session-id into the url.

If the user clicks a logout-button the follwing code gets executed:

DATA: l_url TYPE string.

* need to call get_url_new_session
* since we have to change the url
* because a new session-id has to be mangled
* into the url
l_url = runtime->get_url_new_session(  '' ).

navigation->exit( l_url ).

l_url holds a newly generated session-id which is quite good but it points to the web application itself for which we can not store anonymous logon data without a modification.

Is there a way to have get_url_new_session recognize the url-path and take it into consideration while creating an url?

In short:

web application: /foo/bar (no logon data in SICF, service not editable without modification)

external alias: /xy/foobar (logon data in SICF)

application is called via:">>

after using logout button, method navigation->exit tries to navigate to: some" target="_blank"> stuff)/bc/bsp/foo/bar/"> stuff)/bc/bsp/foo/bar/

result: browser presents http authentication popup

question: how to circumvent?

thanks in advance