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What would be the "Specify scenario" configuration for tasca12b regulation ?

What would be the sap standard "Specify scenario" configuration for tasca12b regulation in svt? Through my research, value assignement and characteristics you configured here to filter out specification are use by filling program to properly transform composition and regulatory data from ehs system to logistics system.

Anyone, who have experience on this area , would you kindly share idea.

Greatly appreciate your help in advance!

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5 Answers

  • Mar 20, 2017 at 11:21 AM

    Dear Kabita

    i am not able to catch the "doubts" you have. PLease first check this blog.

    May be this helps. TSCA12 b is not discussed very often here. There is some "Best Practise" document available for SVT. PLease check those.


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    Mar 20, 2017 at 09:57 PM

    Thank you christoph for your response.

    Yes i already went through those document but i am specifically looking for tsca12b scenario. I do not how to call it but we have tsca12b under svt but we are not monitoring volumn.

    We are using filling program to transfer composition and regulation data from ehs to logistics. Filling program should be looking for tsca lists(us) value assignment for tsca12b composition which mean filling program should loop on each value assignment instant to pick which one is tsca12b relevent with minimus de concentration limit and transfer. But in my case i could find correct scenario so filling can be done correctly.

    Anyway, Looking at consolut document related to this scenario which you refereed, according to this document, components are not expanded any further in the hierarchy but did not understand what that mean. Would you please kindly help on this to explain further.

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  • Mar 21, 2017 at 12:18 PM

    Dear Kabita

    e.g. check:

    may be:⪯v=search

    First you need to understand that tsca12b is a "very special" regulation. Check first e.g.

    General overview can be found here:

    TSCA12b section does not "talk" about "volume tracking". It is a "very special" regulation. SVT was designed to support this regulation.

    Reason is quite simple. With SVT you can handle chemistry having "volume limits" and chemistry which do not have that. For the last one

    SVT ist not designed to "track" here but is only designed for "blocking".

    We do not use SVT to support TSCA12b but use other options outside of EHS.

    For TSCA12 you will get some "special license" (you might use this term) and therefore the TSCA12B control is mostly linked to "REAL_SUB" and not on the component level of REAL_SUB. So you more or less do a control on "REAL_SUB" level if the chemistry can be exported yes or no. PLease check the legislation part. This is quite important to understand which kind of SVT set up you might need.


    PS: check depper e.g.

    as well as;

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  • Mar 23, 2017 at 09:12 AM

    Hi Kabita,

    I'm not sure what you are trying to tell us. TSCA 12b is only relevant for Export from the US into any other Country. So the correct SVT Scenario is, of course, the EXP. Since the definition of what is a relevant substance differs from regualtion to regualtion, you can define in customizing for each regulatory list one or two compositions that SVT uses to determine which substances need to be tracked. These compositions must only included PURE_SUBs, SVT will not check whether a component is made up of other components.

    Does this answer your question?

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    • Former Member

      Hi Ralph,

      Thank you for your Response.

      I do agree with your first part of your answer and it is true that tsca12b is relevant for order from us to non-us country. And we have configuration on place with EXP( export) scenario too.

      But i do not agree 2nd part that svt do not check lowest level of composition. This where i got an issue. Filling program which use to transfer from ehs system to logistics system is going to lowest level of composition and getting data from there.

      Basically, NotStat v4.3 it self calculate minimal de concentration of compositions and only those which is relevant for tsca12b are place on tsca list(us) list VAT. So, filling should take composition from tsca list(us) list vat rather than standard composition. Now on specify scenario i configure to take composition from tsca list vat but issue i am having is it going lowest level of each composition and taking component from there. It is quite confusing but let me clearify you here, all composition on each instance are tsca12b relevent at there lowest level but not all those tsca12b are not relevent to sent tsca12b notification letter to EPA when you export it from us when you ship for first time. Only those composition which have minimum concentration above 1% have be considered, which is output on one of instance with regulation list Zus_t12b. Another instance on tsca list vat is with Zus_t5A, as i mention before, at lowest level, composition with regulation list Zus_t5A is also Zus_t12b relevant. So, I only expecting filling program to just look at composition of each instance of tsca list (us) and determine which one is tsca12b relevant ( composition of instant with reg list zus_t12b) rather going to lowest level. If it goes to lowest level all of them are tsca12b relevant. I could not able to find good specify scenario to get expected data on my composition table on logistics after filling. Let me know if you have any input which would be helpful.

  • Mar 24, 2017 at 07:35 AM

    Dear Ralf

    sorry to say: Your explanation is not correct (or i mis interpret your explanation)

    "These compositions must only included PURE_SUBs, SVT will not check whether a component is made up of other components."

    SVT does not care if the "tracked" component is of type LIST_SUB etc. As long as there is a composition (which is relevant) the composition is exploded to "lowest possible level".

    Dear Kabita

    as explained. the TSCA12b regulation is "very specific". You can discuss in this case on very high level if you need to "track something" (yes/no) . At the end the regulaiton is forcing to check this (very high level !)

    a.) you have a REAL_SUb

    b.) you have components in the REAL_SUb

    c.) the components might be relevant under TSCA12b

    d.) if so: you need per component a "license" so that you can export. Please check my link. It is explained what is needed. There are severla types of "licenses" (and this increases complexity)

    Now high level: if you export the REAL_Sub and any component which is relevant to TSCA12b must be "registered" somehow. If not (according to my knowledge) you can not export (and therefore you must block your SAP SD process). As you can not ship the material you need not to track

    But this is a kind of "detail".


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