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Aug 21, 2006 at 04:15 PM

BAdI Implementation, Actions questions


Hi there,

I'm currently new to New Enhancement Framework and looking at how BADI fits into this picture. I have understood of the following when we need to enhance standard SAP using BAdI:-

1) SE18, create Enhancement Spots

2) Assign BAdI definition to Enhancement Spots

3) Create Interface, Filter, etc

4) SE19, create BAdI implementations

5) Create implementing class, add methods (here is where the customised logic goes).

I have understood until there, however I have a few questions: -

1) Where do we insert the codes to "call" these BAdIs? Is there specific places in the source code that we need to modify, just like user exits?

2) What are Actions in the enhancement context?

3) "BAdIs called via an Action", what does this mean?

4) Implementations of BAdI EXEC_METHODCALL_PFF. What does this mean?

Thanks in advance for this.

Will reward points for anything helpful!