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[Bug] Notifications does not work!

Mar 17, 2017 at 01:17 PM


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I explain better with screenshots.

See first the number 1, then the number 2.

"No unread notifications":

And in the "coffee corner", yesterday someone replay a follow

Now, just right now, in coffee corner I see:

"12 hours ago in Coffee Corner Rosa Vesely commented"

And I do not have any notification about this followed thread.


Ps: [Jürgen: Move this to Using] <-- I have to put this title, because I can not choose primary tag "using sap" (reported here) -

Ps2: Sorry Jürgen, I know that you are an active moderator :)

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2.png (15.4 kB)
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And now you can submit another bug report, that Coffee Corner is a selectable tag for questions :)


I believe that's been fixed, Veselina. (I just checked, and I was not able to select Coffee Corner as a primary tag.)

Is anyone still able to do this?


It is possible to select it as a secondary tag and save the question.

It does not appear in the type-ahead, for tag selection, but it is available from the list of followed and most used tags.

For primary tag, Coffee Corner is selectable, but you get an error: Invalid primary tag upon question submission.

To me this behavior does not seem right.


You're right, Veselina -- it isn't right. It's a bug -- and one I thought was fixed. I can't replicate it though for a question, but it can select Coffee Corner for a blog post.

I'll need to look into this...


I created a separate question with steps how to reproduce the problem:

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Steffi Warnecke
Mar 17, 2017 at 01:42 PM

You didn't get a notification, because she replied to the discussion and not a reply of you. It's not your discussion, but Alan's, so he should have a notification about Rosa's comment. :)

If you follow the discussion, the info about the new reply should be in your Activity stream.




PS: I can't select "Using" as the primary tag for this question, either. Strange, for a new question the tag appears.

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But I followed that discussion because I need to be notificated when someone replies.

The "activity feed" it's a nightmare, a lot of topics and comments, and social activities are on it.


We are working on implementing more filters in the Followed Activities so users can find relevant activities quickly Osvaldo. You can also use the current filter as is to narrow only activities related to questions and answers for instance. And further down the road we are also considering new services that will make such functionality possible when users will be able to better keep track of all new comments and answers from their individually followed items. Unfortunately our resources are tied up facilitating more pending requests.


OK thanks.

Sajid Amir
Mar 17, 2017 at 02:02 PM

Osvaldo, Steffi has described the reason for this well above. You will get notifications for direct comments to your posts. Not for all comments in posts you are following or have participated in. You will also get notifications for all answers to your questions as well (like for this answer I am typing). You can read more about notifications here:



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Ok, thanks !