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EWM CIF a material master data field including the value table

Mar 17, 2017 at 12:22 PM


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Hey guys

Is it possible to CIF a value table from a ERP-maaterialmasterfield (also including the value table from the Domain from the field) into SAP EWM?

I have the Problem with the field MARA-MATKL (Merchandise Category). The Domain MATKL has the value table (T023)

To CIF this field into EWM-System is no Problem, but in the EWM-System then you have behind the EWM field for Merchandise Category /SAPAPO/MATKL_P no value table. The Domain in ERP is /SAPAPO/MATKL (material calss) with no value table.

Think this is the Problem, that the Domains in ERP and EWM are not the same.

Is there a Usecase, that made it possible (maybe with EXIT_SAPLCMAT_001) to CIF value tables from ERP into the SAP EWM?

Or is the only solution, that i write a own solution in EWM, that the field there has a value table too?

Thx for replies guys.

Cheers Roli

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1 Answer

Juergen Pitz
Mar 21, 2017 at 07:30 AM


I doubt that you can CIF value tables through an exit. But the question would be: WHY would you want to do that? This is a field coming from ERP, means "do NOT change that in EWM". Why would you need a value table?



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And it is EWM. NOT eWM - Duh!

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