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Mar 17, 2017 at 09:49 AM

UI5 filter bar can not change width

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Hi experts,

I use a filter item in my UI5 app, but the field length is not long enough that the field can't display text completely.

I am trying to change the width of sap.ui.comp.filterbar.FilterItem, but obviously, the API method like "setWidth()" or something to set it.

Could any one suggest how to change the width?

Here is my layout view code.

<fb:FilterBar reset="onReset" search="onSearch" showRestoreButton="true" showClearButton="true" header="{i18n>labelfbHeader}">


<fb:FilterItem name="issueDate" label="{i18n>labelfbIssueDate}" mandatory="true">


<DateRangeSelection id="idIssueDate" displayFormat="yyyy/MM/dd" change="onChangeIssueDate"/>



<fb:FilterItem name="regulation" label="{i18n>labelfbRegulation}">

</fb:FilterItem> </fb:filterItems> </fb:FilterBar>


fielter-item.png (10.4 kB)