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How to enable auditing in Planning ADSO BW 7.5

Mar 17, 2017 at 09:24 AM


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We are designing a BPC 10.1 solution with ADSOs and would like to do auditing when users are inputting forecast data. When planning on InfoCubes, you could tick a check box called 'Auditable' which would automatically add new InfoObjects to the InfoCube with audit data. How is this built in in ADSOs or is it? Where can I put the audit on in HANA studio? (We plan not to use the BPC web client, so that is not an option).

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3 Answers

Charlie Lin
May 01, 2017 at 06:53 AM

Hello Seija,

I had the same question as you, but i finally figured it out that there is no need to enable the audit feature for aDSO manually. aDSO has the audit feature by default. The test i did is as follows.

1. Create an aDSO in HANA studio.

2. Create an aggregation level via t-code RSPLAN.

3. Create a input ready query using query designer.

4. Use t-code rsrt to execute query and send some data. (You can also create a AO report with the query and send the data)

5. Add this adso in the bpc model, you will see the auditable feature on automatically.

6. In the BPC system reports, you will see the data changes you did on step 4.

I have succeed in showing the data changes in the audit report.

Best regards,


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Hi Charlie,

With these steps were you able to also see the Time stamp of when the data was changed and User who changed the data?



Seija Suoranta Jun 28, 2017 at 07:36 AM

Hi, thanks for the answer but it does not help us. We are not using BPC model at all, we are just creating ADSO->Composite provider -> Aggregation level->query-> input form. I have not found a way to record the audit details this way.

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Stefan Voltz Jan 17 at 02:47 PM

Hi Seija,

did you solve your problem? If yes, how?:)

I am about to have the same issue.



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