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ByDesign: How to navigate to the Mass Data Run schedule screen?

Hello community,

I have a rather tricky problem concerning screens and object navigation between them. I need to schedule a recurring mass data run from a screen of my custom business object. Assuming the instance of the mass data run is alredy created, with all the appropriate parameters, I need "press" the Schedule button on the Mass Data Run OWL.

The shown button opens a menu containing the actual "Schedule" button (and the "Schedule Directly" button, but I'm not interested in that). The "Schedule" button starts the NO_OpenMDRunSchedule handler, which in turn starts the OpenMDRunSchedule outport. This outport sends the required data to the "Scheduling screen" inport. The data which is sent consists of the following:

So I probably need to recreate this OBN Outport in my screen as well, i.e. give it the necessary constants which will reflect my existing MDR instance, so that it will send the data to the Scheduling screen, thus allowing to schedule it. The BO and Node entries will probably remain the same constants. My main issue is: Where am I supposed to get the KeyList and Key entries? I was hoping to make a query on the BackgroundJob BO (contianed in the AP/PC/BackgroundJobManagement namespace), but this BO seems to be unavailable for view. Is there some other way to view the data contained in my Mass Data Run instance, specifically the KeyList and Key data?

Also, even if I do add the necessary data into the outport and recreate the OBN navigation items in my screen, will the Inport of the Schedule screen accept them? If not, is there another way to navigate from my screen to the MDR scheduling screen?

screen1.png (144.0 kB)
screen2.png (23.9 kB)
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