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HANA Log Segment

Mar 17, 2017 at 04:41 AM


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What is the Maximum Size of LOG SEGMENT can be configured ?

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1 Answer

Arun Kumar Marria
Jun 18 at 11:03 PM

The size of log segment is configured by parameter log_segment_size_mb

This parameter can be set in persistence section and can be set for each service like indexserver, nameserver etc. The values are in MBs and can range from 8-4096MBs. The size is generally set higher for indexserver as it is more busy that others but it is recommended to set default values for each service unless instructed by SAP.


Arun Marria

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to supplement this answer => the mentioned ranges by Arun refering to the indexserver

Other services have this max. values:

  • global.ini: 1024 (megabytes => 1 gigabyte)
  • dpserver.ini: 8 (megabytes)
  • nameserver.ini: 64 (megabytes)
  • scriptserver.ini: 8 (megabytes)
  • xsengine.ini log: 8 (megabytes)