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Aug 17, 2006 at 08:42 PM

inner join Vs View Vs for all entries


Hi all,

Lets say i want to select data from 2 database tables db1 and db2.

I have three options :

1) I use inner join on two database tables and select data

2) I define a Database View and then select data from View

3) I select data into internal table itab1 from db1 ( databse table1) and then select data from db2 applying for all entries on itab1.

bw options 1 and 2 doubt is as far as I know its better to define a View and then select data.

But when v define a view then also we need to specify inner join condition . Database stores view definition only and when a query is triggered on view then data is selected . ultimately databse is computing inner join so why defining View is better.

Among all the three options which one is better , I know this much that for very large data "for all entries " reduces the performance.

Plz clarify my doubts