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Mar 17, 2017 at 03:29 AM


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We have SAP Business One here in our company, we already have a local backup server for our backup files that backs up every 1 hour for the encoded transacs. Now, do I still have to avail cloud backup for our backup files? If not, can someone give me another options ? Cause we have 3 servers, 1st one is for domain, 2nd one is for sap backup, and the 3rd one isn't operating yet(because I'm still thinking if cloudbackup is fine or if there will be another options I can do to backup the files for security issues..) Thank you very much!

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Johan Hakkesteegt Mar 17, 2017 at 07:58 AM

Hi Eleonor,

For optimal safety it is best to:

  1. have a server with a separate set of mirrored physical hard disks, specially for your database backup files. This is good when you need to make a backup, and your internet connection is out (you would not be able to access cloud storage).
  2. Save at least the most recent database backup file to any form of storage that is not in the same building as the servers (in case of fire , for example). Cloud backup is good option for this. A single copy per day should suffice, but if you require even more security than that, you should look into a "panic button". I.e. a mechanism that will make an emergency copy of the backup file to the cloud.
  3. If data sensitivity is an issue (for example medical records), and you use a cloud backup service, make sure that this service uses encrypted storage.



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Thank you very much mr Johan


This will be noted