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Aug 17, 2006 at 04:33 PM

Currency Translation key not appearing in dropdown for selection


Hi BI Gurus,

We are using BI 7.0 SP 08 and SAPGUI 6.40 patch level 19. Let me explain our scenario.

We are using SEM-BPS for Planning. Data is loaded to BW InfoCubes and then uploaded to summerized Infocube.

We are also loading data from flatfiles into other set of custom Infocubes similar to IM Cubes.

Planning is done in Transactional infocube and there is multiprovider on top of Transactional Cube, Summerized standard Cube and summerized custom infocube (for flatfile) for reporting.

We are pushig back the final plans to R/3 system and currency conversion is automatic. There is no problem here.

We are loading planing data and actuals from flat files to our IM custom Infocubes. The data is coming in different currencies and we are converting and updating in the cubes in fixed currency USD. Once plans are finalized,we want to give some kind of tool to the users to see their appropriation requests and the plan value in local currency. We are thinking to create some BEX queries for this purpose. Users will Select their requests and currency and the query will display their requests in local currency.

RRC1 tcode does not work in BI 7.0. There is an equivalent Tcode RSCUR to create the Currency Translation Key. I created a translation key. Now I am trying to use this key into BEX, using GUI for 3.X and BI 7.0. This key is not appearing in the dropdown for the currency translation key selection. So there is no way I can use this key.

I went through a number of postings in this forum and still looking for the right one. Is something I am missing? or Is some bug in BI 7.0.

I know it was working in BW 3.5. Can you guys share your experience? Any help is appreciated.