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Extended Taskprocessing Odata service on My inbox Extension

Mar 16, 2017 at 05:59 PM


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Hi experts!

I created a custom odata service based on /IWPGW/TaskProcessing(V2) with 2 more fields (Zteste and Znumber). I tested the custom service and it is working fine. But when I use it on My Inbox Extension, it is not working. Only the standard fields of the original odata service TaskProcessing is working well and returning the information. The custom fields are not been filled, they are returning without information.

>Custom service is Ok. The custom fields are been field.

>Redefined ENTITYSET_TASK method in the _DPC_EXT class of the custom oData Service

* I also customized the data of the 'Priority' field to confirm that the custom of that was been called by my UI project. And as that is a standard field the data is returned correctly.

>Redefined DEFINE method in the _MPC_EXT class

>My Inbox Extension View S2.Custom

>Custom Component.js

>Result - My Inbox Extension App

I hope you can help me!!!!

Thanks for all!

rtgzu.png (40.6 kB)
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It's a binding expression. Not sure which version of UI5 you are using. For me it looks like you in a lower version. If you are in a lower version, then use formatter.

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Masayuki Sekihara
Mar 20, 2017 at 11:51 PM

Hi Fabio,

Take a look at


Masa / SAP Technology RIG

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Now it's working!

I was used to extend the old version that app and I didn't realize that new feature on 2.0 version.

Thanks for all Masayuki.

Krishna Kishor Kammaje
Mar 17, 2017 at 04:22 AM

As Dheeram suggested, check if you are on UI5 version at least 1.28.

Also in the netwrok tab, can you check if your custom service is called?

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Hi Krishna.

I'm working in the version 1.38 and the custom service is calling correctly.

Right now, I'm looking for notes with new updates of My Inbox app and the SAPUI5 version.


Settarat Leelaruji Sep 15, 2017 at 10:23 AM

Hi Masayuki Sekihara

Sorry. but can I ask, is this scenario possible? We already have the extended version of the PO myInbox app.

User clicks myinbox(standard), it should not show any changes due to extension. I tried to debug the standard myinbox and found out that it is calling my extension service.

Created a thread for this.


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