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Aug 16, 2006 at 08:26 PM

NW 2004s Bex Analyzer Variable screen Vs 3.X Bex Analyzer



In 3.X, if you select refresh for a workbook having multiple queries, then the function refreshes all queries and the system displays the variable screen for each query in the workbook.

In NW 2004s, if i have the same workbook and refreshing the workbook will display only one variable screen having all the variables all the queries are using.

This is good. <b>Except</b> <i>for refreshing workbook which is already having different "material number" in different queries.</i>

In this scenario how do we refresh the workbook and keep the material number different for the queries the workbook is using. The variable screen in NW 2004s will show only one variable "material number" and assigning a material number will change the workbook

<i>(Implies both the queries will be using same material number after refresh-hence unable to keep the workbook same)</i>

We are on <b>SPS 8/FEP 801.</b>

We applied the note <b>953402</b> (variables are displayed when you refresh all queries)

After applying the note we added ANALYZER-VARIABLE_REFRESH_3X=X in the RSADMIN table.

Still in NW 2004s, only one VARIABLE SCREEN is displayed will all the variables the query is using.

Please let me know if any information is available.