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Aug 16, 2006 at 08:01 PM

iView to Refresh Upper Level Navigaton


Hello All...

Just wondering if you know of a better way that I can accomplish this in the Portal. I have something that works but I just want to know if there is anything better you can come up with.

<u><b>Here is the situation:</b></u>

We have an iView that enables the user to toggle between 2 languages in the portal by clicking a related link. Optimally, the user would need to see the upper level nav change in accordance with that change. You can get this to happen by pressing the refresh button or calling refresh, but that creates the IE onBeforeUnload dialog...same as when a user clicks the "Personalize" link...except no refresh there.

<u><b>There are 2 approaches that I have investigated or tried:</b></u>

<b>Refresh all navigation, including upper level navigation.</b>

<i>So far, I have not been able to refresh the upper level nav with an iview through a call to the servers methods, I can refresh detailed nav, but not upper level. SDN indicated EPCF.navigate() might accomplish this but it did not when being launched as a related link.</i>

<b>Refresh the portal page (like pressing the refresh button on the browser.)</b>

<i>With this, I have had some luck except that it was causing the portal to run the logoff script and launching that mandatory IE onBeforeUnload message. I was able to detach that onBeforeUnload event from the portal before refresh using JavaScript, and it returns after the refresh, but I am not sure that this is optimal.</i>

Any ideas?