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Aug 16, 2006 at 01:57 PM

SSO between portal and BI (NW2004s)



Don't worry, this is not a "please look at note 917950" type of question (actually I hope it's not).

We keep having the error message " Java system error: Incoming call is not authorized " when we try to use information broadcasting in one of our systems. After some search, we realized that it has to do with SSO (step 5 of the template installer).

When we follow the checklist of note 917950, we saw that the validNotBefore and the validNotAfter dates don't match with what we see in trx STRUSTSSO2 in our BW system. We tried to re-import the certificate into the portal and the dates still don't match.

What is weird is that there is exactly 4h or 5h difference (i.e. the equivalent of our time zone difference).


Date from in BW : 1.10.1997 00:00:00

Date from in Portal : 30.09.1997 20:00:00

Date to in BW : 01.01.2038 00:00:00

Date to in Portal : 31.12.2037 19:00:00

The portal timezone seems to be the same as ours (machines are physically at the same place), it looks like it's only when we import the certificate that the date is changed. Did anyone saw this already? We are on SP7 (I know, I know, we are updating soon...).