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Consignment Pick Up order Deletion

Hi Team,

We have consignment process. User have created consignment fill up order. Delivered it, Goods issue had been done. Somehow user have created 3 consignment pick up order. Now he want to delete 2 consignment pick up orders which were not needed. However system is not allowing to delete those sales orders. How we can delete those 2 unnecessary consignment pick up orders? Please refer screenshot for more details

Error message is - This document can not be deleted.

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  • This did not answer any of my questions.

  • Please find error message & message number....

    cons-pikup.png (13.4 kB)
  • if you look this message up in SE91 transaction then you see that it is just variable:

    &1 &2 &3 &4

    Such variable messages are often used to avoid creation of Z message class.

    Now being already in SE91 just click the button "Where used" and see which programs are returned, especially those that start with a Z or Y. Click then the program name to see the individual lines and when you the statement with your message then click the coding line to get into the program itself. Here select from menu Tools > versions and you will see who last changed the program and then ask this person


    v1899.png (21.1 kB)
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    Mar 20, 2017 at 06:52 PM

    I wonder how many trainers miss to tell their end users how to see the long text of a message and there the message number, and I also wonder how less the people asking their colleagues if they have a problem.

    I hope my blog for the SAP starters can help you further especially the section "SAP talks with you" :

    Looking at the messages and using them in a Google search convinces me that this is homemade stuff.

    Why should SAP switch to "part number" in a message if they say "Material number" (or Article number in Retail) in all other screens, does not really make sense to me.

    Google has just 3 hits for this message part: "Return Quantity should be less than or equal to" and none of those has anything to do with SAP. It is unlikely that a SAP standard message could not be found in the Internet after 15 year with various SAP forums in the web.

    After looking into your blogs I also wonder that you could not find out this yourself

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    • Hi Jurgen & Jelena,

      We analysed error message with help of ABAP consultant. Its Z error message generating out of user exits MV45AFZZ.

      Resolving error through code changes only. Thanks for your cooperation.