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Aug 16, 2006 at 01:17 AM

SAP EP Sizing Queries



We have designed a clustered architecture of two SAP J2ee Engines ( one central instance

and a dialog instance ) with no fail over option . I used quick sizer tool for initial sizing .

My queries are

1) In the quick sizer , I got 2800 SAPS for Enterprise Portal . Does it mean that the J2ee Engine ( Central instance ) has to be powered

with 2800 SAPS ?

2) What about the other J2ee engine ( dialog instance ). Is it have to be the same 2800 or 2800/2 ?

3) In your experience , do you give equal power ( SAPS ) to both dialog and central instance ?

4) There are other components in the portal like ESS/MSS , LSO .So do we need to calculate the SAPS for each of these and add to

central instance and Dialog instance ?

5) The portal Database in a separate box , Quick sizer doesn't give any idea how to size this .Any clue about this ?