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Aug 14, 2006 at 01:05 PM

TREX availability for AMD Opteron and 64-bit Windows



I'm installing CRM 5.0 and are currently configuring the connectivity between R/3 and the CRM system.

I discovered that the TREX search enginge was not installed and I needed to install it. Since this is a sandbox installation, it would be installed on the same server, it's based on the AMD Opteron 64 processor.

But there is no "installation kit" available for the 64-bit Windows plattform.

Is it not available for 64-bit or have I not found it?

If it not available, does anybody know when it will be available?


It is also possible to install on a different server, but I work for a "small" company and we don't have the resources to get another server just for this cause

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